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Yale is one of the oldest manufacturers in the world

1. Yale forklift trucks are among the most popular and oldest manufacturers in the world, with 30% of the world market in America, Yale - TOP5 among the most widely used trucks worldwide, and Yale's 100-tonne truck manufacturer. forklifts Loaders with a highly sensitive hydraulic steering system and an energy-saving light system, with a very wide range of products and options available, Yale is constantly investing in cutting-edge technology, which ensures lower fuel consumption, increased labor productivity and reduced operating costs.

2. The engines of this manufacturer's trucks are designed to be capable of producing high levels of hazardous substances at the same time to the environment. For example, all Yale diesel engines are manufactured in accordance with the European Union's Emission Standard Euro 3. The trucks are durable and of extremely high quality, which ensures long service life.

3. Possibility to assemble a loader on an optional basis, complete with enclosed 3 types or an open cabin, the desired engine, electronic or mechanical control, a rail, various media, touch screen, AC, LED, weighing equipment and various other accessories, from the technical improvements to the end even desired truck color

4. The loader is designed so thoroughly that it can be easily performed for diagnostics and maintenance, to facilitate the work of mechanics, which immediately reduces downtime and costs.

5. Each Yale product is oriented towards the nature of its field of work, with its own distinct features and advantages.


Reading Bottom - "Benefits Of Choosing A New Yale Technique"

Benefits of buying a new Yale technique

1. The residual value is higher. Get a bigger amount of money by using and selling a loader.

2. Your company will acquire additional assets that will increase the value of the company.

3. You will not need to wait for the loader to be delivered to the existing jobs when you have purchased the truck.

4. The truck can be used for the smallest jobs at any given time, which consumes a lot of workers without proper equipment.

5. Individual set-up (assemble the truck at the lowest cost or the most suitable for you).

6. Your operator will instruct and provide you with a comprehensive overview of Yale's truck management in order to optimally work with Yale.

7. Guaranteed period of up to 3 years. Save your time and money, forget about the faults.

8. During the warranty period, the service will take care of your truck.

9. After-sales service and supply of parts at the most favorable prices. (We have been working for 16 years and have the largest suppliers in the world, which allows us to offer competent prices and best details).


* Some companies look at the purchase of a new truck to this day, due to the over-investment, we give credit to such companies, we can offer a new Yale truck for leasing.

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