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Modular constructions

Containers the excellent decision when it is necessary to have temporary or constant premises. Containers can be used in various spheres:

  • Container premises for offices, conferences, meetings, exhibitions and expositions.
  • Inhabited and sleeping container premises.
  • container premises for rest, to workers of breaks.
  • sanitary (showers, toilets, washstands), premises of first aid and containers to kitchens.
  • For kindergartens, schools and other social institutions.
  • for usual shops.
  • container premises for shops.
  • container premises for executors of works on objects.
  • container premises - good alternative of garden small houses.



Container cabin 20' Product Code: CTX basic Container cabin 20'
From 3,690.00€
Qty: Available
Container cabin 20' Product Code: CTX 20 Container cabin 20'
Rent price 120.00€
From 4,190.00€
Qty: Low stock
Double container cabin 20' Product Code: CTX 2x20 Double container cabin 20'
Rent price 240.00€
From 8,390.00€
Qty: Low stock
Container cabin 20' with large windows Product Code: CTX 20 vitrina Container cabin 20' with large windows
Rent price 160.00€
From 5,250.00€
Qty: Low stock
Container stores Product Code: Prekybai Container stores
Qty: Low stock
Sea container 20ft Product Code: sea-20ft Sea container 20ft
Rent price 80.00€
From 1,995.00€
Qty: Low stock
Container EDIL-3 Product Code: EDIL-3 Container EDIL-3
From 3,050.00€
Qty: Low stock
Storage container (disassemblable) Product Code: - Storage container (disassemblable)
From 1,250.00€
Qty: Low stock
Modular warehouse Product Code: MOD-SAND Modular warehouse
Qty: Low stock
Storage container 8ft Product Code: CTX-8p-storage Storage container 8ft
Rent price 50.00€
From 1,840.00€
Qty: Low stock
Storage container 6ft Product Code: CTX-6p-storage Storage container 6ft
Rent price 45.00€
From 1,440.00€
Qty: Low stock

All prices without VAT

Such universal application of containers will allow you to use containers on your needs. Our experts will help you to choose containers of the necessary type or dimensions. Installation of containers does not demand sanctions to construction. The given quality does container premises more attractive before constant structures.

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