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Hangcha is a professional forklift truck manufacturer based in China. Our products include internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck, counterbalance eletric forklift, pallet stacker, pallet truck, empty container handler, lifting platform and much more. 

Hangcha is one of the largest and strongest manufacturer of China. HC sells their products in more than 170 countries. 

Each year Hangcha takes better place in Europe. All forklifts have EC sertificates. In its 50 years till now, with the philosophy “make the handling easier” and customer-oriented management,, Hangcha has been keeping active and innovative, and has gradually developed as one of the forklift leading players in material handling industry, ranked as No 9 in MHM 2013


  • With internal comb. engine

    The internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck is a piece of commonly used warehouse equipment that can conduct loading and unloading, stacking and...

  • With elektric engine

    In accordance with customer requirements, the vehicle can be provided with different masts and attachments from our standard ones...

  • Warehouse equipment

    As a professional pallet truck manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides...

  • Hand pallet truck

    Hidraulic hand pallet trucks, which could be used to transport the loads from one place to another in the warehouse, in the truck trailer or in the other place where we can find flat floors to work with hand pallet truck. At the moment we can offer...

  • Platforms

    As an experienced lifting platform manufacturer in China, Hangcha also provides 1-3.5T internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck, 1-3.5T four wheel ECB forklift...

  • Side loading forkilft

    The new side loading forklift with the load capacity ranging from 3.0t to 6.0t is specially developed to meet the load and unload requirements of long dimension loads. It has patents...

  • Empty container handler

    Hangcha is a China-based empty container handler manufacturer and supplier. Our company also offers lifting platform, pallet truck, internal combustion counterbalance forklift...

  • Tow tractor

    Our electric tow tractor offers both mental and physical comfort, as well as safety for the driver. The driver's compartment is spacious and free from obstructions for...

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    Darius Paltinavičius

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